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How To Grow A Vegetable Garden In Glasgow

There are many benefits associated with growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. You know exactly what pesticides are used on your food It is cheaper to grow than to buy You get the satisfaction of knowing that you grew it all yourself. If you are looking to start a vegetable garden in Glasgow, here […]

Deck Lighting Ideas To Make Your Outdoors Shine

The right lighting can really help make your wooden decking shine and helps to make it more useful. When you have lighting, you are able to safely enjoy your deck in the evening hours, whether it to be sip on a glass of wine or to host a party with family or friends. If you […]

The Perfect Garden Fence: Guide To Wooden Fence Panel Choices

A fence can be one of the most overlooked (literally), yet essential, part of your garden. Sure, they aren’t as exciting as a beautiful flower bed or as whimsical as a feature pond, but they provide so much more to your garden that you might just take for granted. The right fence can provide: Privacy […]

How To Lay Decking On Grass: A Step-By-Step Guide

Adding a deck to your garden can help you seamlessly bring the outside in, provide you with a perfect outdoor space where you can spend those warm summer days relaxing in the sun, stargazing in the winter, knocking up a bbq in spring, or just as a garden feature to make the neighbours envious all […]

3 Amazing Raised Decking Ideas For Summer 2018 (and beyond)

It’s finally spring which means we’re already dreaming of the Great British Summer. Sitting out back with some cool pints and sausages grilling on the BBQ, friends are around, kids running about playing, life is good. If you want to make the most of this time then having a wonderful outdoor area for socialising is […]

Plastic Sheds Vs. Wooden Sheds

Dreaming of a shed for your garden? We can relate, and we strongly believe that for every garden, there’s a perfect shed. Whether for storing keepsakes, parking the bikes, setting up a home office, storing tools or making a workshop – a shed can easily solve your space issues in and around the house and […]

How To Reinvigorate Your Old Fence Panels

A beautiful garden fence can be a blessing and a curse.   Although wooden fencing is beautiful when well kept, it can be the source of steady annoyance and unnecessary stress if you live somewhere like the UK where the temperatures are fluctuating in a spectrum of wet n’ windy.     If you’ve got […]

Plastic Decking Vs. Wooden Decking, Which Is The Right For Me?

Plastic decking.. Is that really a thing?   It sure is! Decking materials is a whole other world, and if you’re not a fan of the authentic wooden deck, then there are lots of other options. We’ve taken it upon ourselves (you’re welcome) to write a smaller comparison of wooden versus plastic decking. If you’re […]

Seven Famous Garden Sheds (And Owners)

A garden with no garden shed is like a cake with no icing. It works, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve dived into the history books and had a look at some sheds that have witnessed great things and great people. From the very basic writers pad to the inspirational hub to the garden […]

Deck Maintenance For Dummies (And Regular Folk)

Is your garden deck looking rather grey and boring? Unfortunately, ‘tis the season for gloomy grimey garden decks. Fortunately for you, we’ve done some digging and asked around in the timberyard for tips on how to best maintain a garden deck. We know it’s only January, but the sun will be out before your know […]