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Check out the latest range of timber gates from Stewart Timber. Whether you need it for a suburban driveway or a field, we have the gate for you.

Getting the Right Gate for You!

Our gates come in a wide variety of sizes and it’s essential you buy the right size for you. If the gate is too small, you’ll never be able to close it; too large and you’ll never be able to open it.

Measure from the insides of whatever you are hanging the gate from, gatepost to gatepost, say, and ensure that your verticals are plumb. If a post, pillar or wall is out of plumb and there’s nothing you can do about it, then go by the smallest measurement. Allow a couple of inches, or about 5cm, for ground clearance and about 2cm for hinge and latch clearance. If you are planning to have gateposts and haven’t yet purchased them, remember to account for them in your measurements!

Gates Reviews

  • David Pallant

    29 Jan, 2014

    i bought a gate and used the guide to hang it myself. it was harder then i thought it would be but i got it up and working. it feels much better to do it yourself. i ‘ll definitely come back the next time i have a job to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hang my gate?

Hanging a gate is a complicated operation, with lots of measurements required. We’ve only got space for a few hints and tips here:

  • Avoid drilling multiple holes in your brand new gate! Fit the hinges to the gate first.
  • When hanging the gate, put it on level wedges, giving that all-important ground clearance. Get a friend to hold the gate steady. Measure and mark exactly where you need to bore, double-checking you marked out every hole exactly right.
  • While hinges work best on wooden posts, it’s absolutely fine to hang a gate from brick, if you have the right hinge
  • When planting a post, or hiring out a contractor to do it for you, make sure they bury the post properly. Some contractors use dry concrete, but this is very unstable.
Is it true the gate will change during the year?

Wood expands and contracts depending on the season so be careful. If your gate is a neat fit in summer, it might become wedged in winter. Equally, if it’s only just reaching the latch in winter, it might not lock at all in summer. Find a good compromise.