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Clydesdale Logs

Clydesdale Logs are produced by Stewart Timber in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, in the heart of central Scotland on the edge of the Clyde catchment area between the Forth and Clyde. Stewart Timber have been involved in forestry harvesting and marketing and home grown saw milling in central Scotland since 1968.

Firewood protection

We started our firewood operation in the winter of 2010 / 11 with the aim of utilising local wood from under managed forests to bring them back into management, making them productive once again. We also purchase wood from other forestry management and harvesting companies and produce firewood from our own local woodland in Cumbernauld, some of which is environmentally extracted by horse. Due to demand some of our small bagged firewood is sourced from other FSC registered sources which ensures that fuel is renewable and eco-friendly. Our aim is to supply and deliver the best kiln dried firewood. All of our firewood is kilned using our own wood waste as fuel, ensuring our process is environmentally friendly as possible. We therefore produce and sell a truly Scottish eco-friendly, reliable fuel which provides you with natural warmth and comfort.

Firewood protection

Clydesdale Logs are an Accredited Woodsure Assured Quality Woodfuel Supplier. Woodsure is the UK’s quality assurance standard and Accreditation is the quality mark that recognises responsible and conscientious woodfuel producers that consumers can trust. Woodsure are amalgamating with HETAS to oversee a national woodfuel accreditation scheme. To visit the Woodsure website click here.

Products and packaging

We sell hardwood kiln dried firewood which is available in a variety of different quantities which is all sold per loose stacked cubic metre (m3). Bulk bags can be doubled up on one pallet giving a 1.8m high double bulk bag for economic delivery. Barrow bags and small plastic bags are smaller and can be wheeled in on a sack barrow to exactly where you want them. Barrow bags and small plastic bags can be uplifted directly from our premises and placed in the boot of a family sized car. We also produce and sell kindling, briquettes, log stores and rock salt.

Products and Packaging

We have two firewood processors, a 30 tonne radio controlled splitter, two forestry forwarders, two forklifts and a purpose built firewood kiln. We also have two delivery trucks, one 10 Tonne with loader that can reach 6 metres from the nearest point of access and a flat Transit with swing crane. Larger loads for further afield are delivered by Palletline i.e. double bulk bags of kiln dried firewood.

Local delivery is FREE within 20 miles of Cumbernauld. Please contact us for a quote if you are outwith this area. Larger orders are also usually delivery FREE outwith this area if more than one bulk bag is ordered.

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