How To Calculate Your Fencing Price Per Metre

You’re thinking of building a fence for your garden but have no idea how much it’ll cost. Hundreds of different prices are flying all over the place. Prices for fencing boards, posts, rails, post mix. It’s a lot to keep track off, especially if you’re a fencing novice.

At Stewart Timber, we’ve developed a nifty calculator to help you estimate the price of a fencing project, allowing you to work out your fencing price per metre.

It’s not as simple as just accounting for how much the wood costs though! There’s a lot more to take into account when working how much your fencing project is going to cost.



Material Used

 When it comes to materials, you’ve got a lot of choice. Timber, concrete, aluminium – take your pick!

Timber is one of the most affordable options when it comes to fencing. If it is treated and well-maintained, then it can last a lifetime.

All of the fencing panels at Stewart Timber are made with the very best pressure-treated timber which works to protect them against rot, fungus and natural decay for decades.



Fence Style

 You may have a vision of what particular style of fence you’d like.

At Stewart Timber we offer a variety of fence styles, with the likes of straightforward wooden panels coming out cheapest and ranch-style at the higher end.

The colour of the wood also affects the price, with models in green wood suiting lower budgets.



Height And Length

Our fencing calculator asks you to input your specifications for fence height and length to give you a more accurate quote.

There are 5 standard heights for fences: 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m.

Your specified length can be as long or short as you like.

Measure your space and determine what height and length of fence you require. It’s quite straightforward – the more wood you need, the more it’ll cost!



Disposal of Old Materials

If your new fence is to replace an existing one, and you’re recruiting the services of an expert to build it for you, then you’ll have to budget in costs for removal and disposal of old materials.

Existing fencing panels, posts and any concrete foundations need to be dug out and disposed of appropriately, so this will hike the price of the job.

When getting quotes for the job, make sure you ask for an itemised quote so you can see what the fencing price per metre is and how much of the cost is attributed to the labour.




Foundation Work

Not all ground is created equal. If you plan on building a fence on very soft or very rocky land, it may make the job more difficult.

Extra materials and effort will be required to make sure your fence is properly supported if the ground isn’t up to scratch, so this will also increase the project costs.




Additional Extras

You can’t just buy the wood and expect to construct a sturdy fence with your bare hands, so you’re going to need to factor in some extra tools!

Our fencing calculator includes the cost of postmix and nails (though you can remove these from the order later if you do not need them).

You’ll need things like protective gloves, saws, and hammers, and maybe even a lick of paint to finish it off.




Time Of Year

If you’re a sucker for a good deal, why not wait until the winter months to get your fence done?

There is always a mad rush of demand for fencing in the spring and summer months, so prices will generally be higher.

Waiting until a quieter period could save you considerably on labour costs.



Now Work Out How Much Your Vision Will Cost!

Think about your materials, style, colour, land quality, and space when working out your fencing price per metre, but don’t forget to account for other added costs in the overall construction of the fence!

Check out Stewart Timber’s fencing calculator as a price guide and have a look at the kind of fencing we offer as a source of inspiration!


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