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What you will need will depend on your specific project. If you are in doubt or just want to double check your plans, feel free to give us a call on 01236 727 776 or pop in and see us at our Cumbernauld yard. With over a couple decades’ experience under our belts, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, when necessary. Yes, this is one of those frustrating, how-long-is-a-piece-of-string questions. The answer depends on the circumstances: the thoroughness of the original coat (or indeed the number of coats: two coats will last nearly twice as long as one) and how exposed to the elements the wood is. You will usually be able to tell when wood needs repainted or restrained just by having a look. Keep an eye out for peeling, cracking and the finish looking a little thin. Then just stick another coat on.

Paint or Stain?

There are a couple of things to ask yourself. The most obvious is: do you prefer the look of painted or stained wood? This is a personal choice. Paint typically allows you to more accurately match the colour scheme of your house. However, by painting you lose the natural textures and qualities of the wood, which some people may not wish to do.

The second thing to consider is which task seems easier. Staining requires more reapplications than paint, but painting often takes longer and is a little trickier to get right. Your decision will partly hinge on how nifty you are with a brush and how much spare time you have.

Either way, if you are unhappy with your choice, you can always change it at a later date (keep in mind that it’s much easier to paint previously stained wood than vice versa). While it’s a tricky choice we recommend doing one or the other. Leaving wood exposed in a country with weather as wet and changeable as Scotland leaves the timber prone to warping, shrinking and cracking.

What our customers say

23 Apr 2014

I bought this to paint my new fence - one coat would have done but with two coats fence really stood out. will definitely buy again - good value and very waterproof! i also had an old unpainted grey coloured fence - after 2 coats paint it was good as new.

Fraser Crieff