Plastic Decking Vs. Wooden Decking, Which Is The Right For Me?

Plastic decking.. Is that really a thing?   It sure is! Decking materials is a whole other world, and if you’re not a fan of the authentic wooden deck, then there are lots of other options. We’ve taken it upon ourselves (you’re welcome) to write a smaller comparison of wooden versus plastic decking. If you’re […]

Seven Famous Garden Sheds (And Owners)

A garden with no garden shed is like a cake with no icing. It works, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve dived into the history books and had a look at some sheds that have witnessed great things and great people. From the very basic writers pad to the inspirational hub to the garden […]

Seven Top Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

There’s a palpable chill in the air. The leaves are starting to show flecks of orange and gold. The nights draw and the sun gets up later. Winter is coming. Thankfully, it’s still a couple of months away and we’ve got a cool autumn to enjoy first. That also means you have two full months […]

Reinvent Your Deck

It’s easy to install your deck then leave it as is. Not that that’s a bad thing. If you got your deck from us, it’s a fine deck, after all. Some might say it’s a mighty fine deck! But if you leave even the best deck unchanged for years, it can get stale and boring. Every […]

5 Simple Garden Hacks

At Stewart Timber, we’re big fans of gardening tips, tricks and hacks. If it gives us more time to spend enjoying the garden we’ve created, you can generally count us in. That’s why every time a customer tells us a tip we haven’t heard before, it gets noted down in our big book of gardening […]

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open, Sustainably-Sourced, Kiln-Dried Wood Fire

Have you noticed the nip in the air? The leaves turning ruddy? Aye, we might be enjoying an indian summer but, to quote Game of Thrones, ‘winter is coming’. And when the freeze hits will you roast your chestnuts over a coal or wood fire Good Firewood Properly regulated, timber is one of the most […]

Five Tips for Perfect Painting: The Prep

It’s time for a story. Once upon a time there was a person who stared at the fading paint on their walls and thought, “I can do better.” So off they went to visit tens of different shops and collect hundreds of colour swatches. They sat down and stared for hours at the stacked swatches […]

How to Restore an Oak Beam: Get Your Beams Beaming

Listen up, all you oak lovers! We all know there’s nothing nicer than a quality piece of timber but we also know the sinking feeling when you see your beams, benches and other assorted timber features looking a little worse for wear. There’s some good news, though. Most of the time this decline in decorative […]

10 Common DIY Mistakes

Time Is Not on Your Side The job will take longer than you think. You’ve calculated in extra time already? It’ll still probably take longer. Prepare for the worst; hope for the best. Ask yourself, in an ideal world how long will this take? Then double, or even triple, that amount of time. If you […]

10 Tips For Getting the Most out of a Small Garden

You don’t need a garden the size of a football pitch in order to have a stunning green place to relax in. Behind every specific tip on our list is the aim of economising space. When it comes to furniture, think Japanese minimalism – live within your means and eliminate clutter. Why do you have […]