Best 15 Garden Fencing Ideas

Gone are the days when garden fences were simply a privacy barrier between your garden and the next.  Quirky, stylish fences have taken the world by storm with many home owners using their garden fence as the frame that holds their gardening canvas together.  There’s umpteen different reasons why somebody might want to erect a […]

Fence Damaged Over Christmas? The Fence Repair Guide

There were some pretty intense winds and showers over the Christmas holidays and it may have taken its toll on your perfect garden fence, forcing you to get stuck into some fence repair Google searches. As soon as you notice a chip or crack in your fence, or notice that they are wobbly, slanted, or […]

How To Make Sure Your Garden Fence Panels Survive The Scottish Winter

Next in our winter garden maintenance series is how to keep your garden fence panels in tip-top shape to survive Glasgow’s rough winter snap! Preparing your garden fence panels for the winter is a fairly straightforward task. You’ll thank yourself for being proactive come spring when you are not met with a massive fence replacement […]

How To Calculate Your Fencing Price Per Metre

You’re thinking of building a fence for your garden but have no idea how much it’ll cost. Hundreds of different prices are flying all over the place. Prices for fencing boards, posts, rails, post mix. It’s a lot to keep track off, especially if you’re a fencing novice. At Stewart Timber, we’ve developed a nifty […]

The Perfect Garden Fence: Guide To Wooden Fence Panel Choices

A fence can be one of the most overlooked (literally), yet essential, part of your garden. Sure, they aren’t as exciting as a beautiful flower bed or as whimsical as a feature pond, but they provide so much more to your garden that you might just take for granted. The right fence can provide: Privacy […]

How To Reinvigorate Your Old Fence Panels

A beautiful garden fence can be a blessing and a curse.   Although wooden fencing is beautiful when well kept, it can be the source of steady annoyance and unnecessary stress if you live somewhere like the UK where the temperatures are fluctuating in a spectrum of wet n’ windy.     If you’ve got […]