About Us

Why Use Stewart Timber

Stewart Timber offers a one-stop shop for all things timber in Scotland. Whether you need to replace a timber fence or completely overhaul your garden we know we are the best people for your project. Still not convinced? Well here’s our five reasons why we believe we are the best timber supplier in Central Scotland. Stewart Timber.


We don’t like poor quality products, so we don’t sell poor quality products. It really is that simple. Everything on our site has been carefully selected and we are proud to have our name next to it.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, have a read of our customer’s reviews.


Everyone here at Stewart Timber is proud of the company and we want customers to see the best in us every time. We don’t take shortcuts so you get the best experience every time you deal with us.


We’re here to support you, not to grab your money and run. As such we’re always on hand to share our knowledge and experience to help you plan your next project. Also, because we know that projects have a habit of changing mid-way through, we will happily take by any extra unused material when you’re project is finished.


Because we’re based right in the heart of Scotland, there’s no messing around when it comes to orders. Usually we have deliveries on the lorry and out to customers in under 48 hours. With some other companies you’ll get weeks of excuses, with us you’ll get your timber and a smile.


We’re proud to be doing our bit to support Scotland’s economy, by coming to us you help keep the local economy moving, maintaining jobs and supporting the area.

We hope you’re convinced and we would to hear from you or see you down at the yard soon. But we don’t want to be one of those pushy companies so we’ll just leave you with another quote from one of our happy customers.