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  • Brass Padlock

    What better way to secure a gate or latch than with a padlock? These brass padlocks are: * Sturdy and hard wearing for maximum security...

  • Self Closing Gate Spring

    Create the perfect garden gate latch for you with these self closing gate springs. They are: * 8” adjustable tension springs for garden gates. *..

  • 2 1/2″ Heavy Staple

    These 2 ½ “ heavy staples are ideal for personal DIY crafting and building projects. They are: * Ideal for securing materials such as timber..

  • Ring on Plate 2″x2″

    These 2” x 2” rings on plates are perfect for securing items in your garden. They are: * Easily fixed to walls, floors, ceilings and..

  • Weld on Eye

    These weld on eyes are useful for creating a custom latch for your gate. They are: * Flat based for ease of welding on to..

  • Weld on Hook

    These weld on hooks are perfect for building your own custom hook on latches. They are: * Flat edged for ease of welding onto any..

  • Adjustable Gate Eye

    These adjustable gate eyes are perfect for customising the length of your gate latch. They are: * Designed to be tailored to the required length..

  • Hook to Build 4 1/2″

    These hooks to build are fantastic for gates that attach to tougher surfaces. They are: * Designed to be fitted to brickwork rather than timber...

  • Hook on 4″ Plate

    Keep your gate closed tight with these hook on 4” plates. You’ll find: * ¾” gate hook welded on to a 4” metal plate that..

  • Hook to Bolt with welded washer

    Give your gate a neater look with these hook to bolt with welded washers. They are: * Designed to sit flush with the post for..

  • Hook to Drive

    These hooks to drive are a hassle free way to install more security on your gate. They are: * Sharp and pointed at the bottom..

  • Hook to Bolt 13″

    These 13” hooks to bolt are an excellent way to begin securing your gate. They are: * Designed to comfortably bolt through posts. * Composed..

  • Garage Drop Bolt

    These garage drop bolts are ideal for locking and propping open your gate. They are: * Designed to function vertically to allow the bolt to..

  • Brenton Bolt

    These Brenton Bolts are an excellent way for ensuring the utmost security of your gate in a simple form. They are: * Designed with an..

  • Throw Over Gate Look for galv. gates

    Wider gates require smarter latch solutions. These throw over gate catches are: * Perfect for securing double leaf gates. * 34” for more stability and..

  • Throw Over Gate Loop for timber gates

    These throw over gate loops are arguably some of the most easy to use and simple catches for your gate. They are: * Suitable for..

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