5 Ideas For Decorating Your Pent Summerhouse

Just picture it… sipping a steamy coffee on a lazy weekend morning… chatting with friends over a cup of tea… relaxing with a book and a glass of wine on a starry night… all from the comfort of your pent summerhouse.

A pent summerhouse is a fantastic spot to take a breather or entertain friends.

While the internal space may be small, it shouldn’t feel that way. It should feel quaint, cosy and comfortable.

The way you decorate a space has a major impact on the mood of the room. A summer house should be for unwinding so it should be decorated to encourage this.

If your pent summerhouse is in need of a little TLC, here are 5 decoration ideas. In no time at all, your summer house will feel open, warm and inviting.



Use Light Colors


Colour can make a huge difference to the mood and feel of a space.

Lighter colours help to make small spaces — like your pent summerhouse — feel larger and brighter. Colours like buttercream, blush, peach, mint or baby blue are perfect for achieving this effect.

Darker colours, on the other hand, will make your summer house feel smaller than it is.

Consider painting the floor and ceiling too. Painting the walls and the floor the same colour also helps spaces look bigger.

Alternatively, think about painting the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls to shake things up a bit. This will give it less of a clinical, boxed in feel and more of a cosy atmosphere.



Hang Mirrors


Mirrors reflect light in a room, naturally brightening it up. Hang a mirror or two in your space to liven things up.

When you hang a mirror opposite small openings where light enters, it tricks the eye into thinking light is entering from two points.

This gives the illusion that there is more natural light in your summerhouse than there really is.

Natural light enhances mood and a nicely lit summer house will have you feeling chilled out in no time.



Place a Throw Rug


Introducing soft textures into a space makes it feel more homely. A colourful throw rug can work wonders and transform a shed into an actual room.

When selecting a rug, pick your pattern carefully.

If your summer house is wider than it is long, choose a vertically-running pattern. If it is longer than it is wide, pick a horizontally-running pattern.

This helps to elongate the space in the direction that the pattern flows.

Your space will feel more open and snug with some added textures.



Use Smaller Furniture Pieces


One of the biggest mistakes you can make when decorating your pent summerhouse is to place oversized furniture in the space.

Let’s face it. Your space is limited. You want to do as much to make sure it feels airy.

Placing oversized pieces of furniture in the spaces makes the room feel tight and cramped. Instead, select smaller, sleek, streamlined pieces.

This will make practical use of your space whilst giving it a more relaxed character.




Go Bold With Fun Accessories


Inject your summer house with a little of your own personality with some fun accessories.

Bring in accent colours with throw blankets, pillows, wall clocks and end tables.

When picking your accessories, keep in mind that less is more. Don’t over do it. You’ll end up with a cluttered space which is far from relaxing.

These little touches make it feel like the space is truly yours.



Want A Space Like This?


If you’re looking to invest in a summer house, Stewart Timber offer a variety of summer house sizes and styles. We’ll help you find the right one for you. With these handy tips, you’ll be living a life of luxury in no time!

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