Garden Decking Ideas For Winter

Remember those lazy summer nights, relaxing on your decking, a warm breeze brushing through your hair and the smell of the BBQ dissipating into the atmosphere? Nights like those are gone for a fair few months. But that doesn’t mean that your decking should be neglected until next year.

At Stewart Timber, we’re firm believers that a garden is not just for summer. With the right design and features, it can serve you well all year round.

With our fantastic garden decking ideas, there’s no need to be cooped up inside over the winter months. Read on to find out how you can use your garden deck all year round!

Deck Lighting cosy

Toasty Roasty

“It’s freezing in winter!” I hear you argue. “How can I possibly enjoy lounging on my outside deck when it’s -12 degrees outside!”

Chilly gales and the potential of snow are probably putting you off spending time outdoors now that winter has set in.

It is, however, possible to keep toasty on your decking without wearing so many layers that you resemble a marshmallow. There are many outdoor heater options you can make use of.

Electric heaters are very popular as they’re cheap to run and heat up quickly. They’re great for heating large spaces. You can easily mount them on to the wall too so you can get greater coverage than just heating up your toes!

Gas heaters are another option – they are mobile, easier to set up than electric heaters, but they can be costly to run and take longer to get to your desired heating effect.

If you’re seeking a more rustic aesthetic, opt for a fire pit. If you choose this outdoor heater option, you need to ensure that the fire source is raised above the deck so the timber doesn’t catch. A fibre-cement mat is also useful to protect the area. Simply light up some charcoal or wood and you’ll be set with a really natural, cosy heat source that will lure you out of your home over winter.



A Good Feed

There is no more effective way to attract people towards an area than the smell of freshly cooked food.

A BBQ doesn’t just need to be for summer. You can easily set up a BBQ or portable gas grill on your decking so you can enjoy grilled kebabs, burgers, and buttery corn on the cobs in every season!

If you’re feeling fancy, installing a clay oven opens up more outdoor cooking possibilities for you. Fire up your own pizzas with some homemade dough and generous toppings, and happily tear off a slice while the snow falls around you!



Take Shelter!

No matter how cosy your heater makes the decking or how tasty the food you prepared on it is, you will not be sitting out there for long if snow is free-falling on top of your head, so it’s highly advised to set up some sort of shelter above your decking, it can help keep the heat too!

Add a rigid timber frame to your deck and then cover it with either awning fabric or sturdier roofing material to keep the sleet and snow off your decking and off of you, allowing you to enjoy winter nights.




When you’re sitting in hot, bubbling water, you’ll completely forget that it’s below freezing outside. Garden jacuzzis are increasing in popularity, adding that extra bit of luxury to your decking.

When installing a garden jacuzzi, you’ll need to think carefully about its positioning. Find a spot that isn’t too exposed to the wind or completely tucked away in the shade. Is it open to nosey neighbours peeping over the fence? How will you power it? And how far do you need to run to the house when you pluck up the courage to get out?

Address these concerns, power up your hot tub, and let the bubbles wash away all your winter woes.



Let There Be Light

Bring some brightness to your garden decking. Being engulfed in darkness is not the nicest prospect when you can easily tuck yourself up on the sofa with warm indoor lighting.

There are so many lighting ideas for your garden decking. Low-level lighting on the underside of railings or seats will be protected from the elements and add a warm glow to the ground.

Surface or flush mounted lights on the steps will guide you through your garden even when it’s pitch black outdoors.

Fairy light strings are a lovely touch, making the space feel more magical and comforting. String them along the awning, throughout the railings, or along the backs of the seats.



Chill Out Even When It’s Chilly Out

These garden decking ideas will help make your space the ultimate chill-out zone. It doesn’t matter if it’s the chilliest day of the year with snow falling all around you, you can still keep cosy on your decking, protected from the elements.

If you need ideas for kitting out the rest of your garden for winter, check out this blog post.

Stewart Timber can help you with all your structural decking needs – if you have any project or product queries, contact us today!

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