5 Reasons To Recruit The Help Of Timber Specialists For Your Garden Project

Despite the bitter cold air and the frosty grass, you might be looking forward to the new year with your plans for your latest garden project.

Have you decided whether you’ll go it alone? Or will you recruit the help of timber specialists?

If you’re carrying out difficult work or something you’ve not done previously then recruiting the help of timber specialists is a clever move to make for a variety of reasons. In this article, we talk you through why we believe hiring a timber specialist is a good shout!

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At the forefront of your mind with any garden project is probably the cost.

Many people are easily motivated to undertake whole decking, fencing and garden shed construction projects single-handedly in a bid to drive down the overall cost.

While this can be a good idea in some instances, it sometimes has the opposite effect!

If you’re fairly inexperienced, there’s considerable scope for making costly mistakes. From damaging materials to ordering the wrong pieces, it’s easy to end up flushing money down the drain.

Moreover, if you do a poor job, it may be unstable, easily damaged, or it will just look downright terrible. You’ll end up needing major renovation work done to it, or scrapping it completely in favour of a new one. Not exactly a financially savvy move!

Recruiting the guidance of timber specialists will help you to drive down costs in the long-run.

timber specialists


Seeking the assistance of qualified timber specialists with a wealth of experience will ensure that your resulting fence, decking, or shed is durable.

Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials and can last a lifetime if properly treated and maintained. If you try and source your own materials, you risk purchasing poor quality wood.

If you consult a timber specialist, they can make sure that you order the right sturdy materials. Timber specialists take pride in their work so they want to make sure that the outcome of any customer project is first-class.

You’ll likely gain more valuable insight to put to use for your project by speaking to timber specialists than you would a part-time sales assistant in a chain DIY and home improvement store.

timber specialists


If you recruit or consult timber specialists, the project outcome is likely to be more aesthetically pleasing.

You might be guided to purchase pre-made items like decking kits. With these items, you’ll not end up with dodgy badly cut ends or crooked foundations.

Timber specialists have the experience to form a clear vision of what your final outcome will look like, so they can advise you on the best fittings to purchase and pre-made kits to invest in.

timber specialists


Consulting timber specialists can significantly reduce the project timescale.

You could spend hours upon hours trawling the Internet or shop aisles hunting for decent decking boards, and then even more time working out how many you’ll need as well as what fittings work with them.

Stewart Timber have a decking calculator and a fencing calculator to take the guesswork out of the planning, helping to keep you from making mistakes that will prolong the project timeline.

If you have any queries about your proposed project, timber specialists are happy to lend their years of experience to you, speeding up the project.

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And our final reason to recruit the help of timber specialists is to keep your local economy booming!

By seeking out their professional assistance, you will be actively supporting them, ensuring that SMEs can thrive in the face of larger businesses.

timber specialists

Looking For Timber Merchants Near Glasgow?

If you’re planning a grand garden project in the New Year, whether it be fencing, decking, or constructing a garden shed, Stewart Timber are on hand to help you out. Our blog is full of handy tips and tutorials to get you started.

Contact us to find out what our timber specialists can do for you!

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