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All You Need For Your Decking Range

What you will need will depend on your specific project. If you are in doubt or just want to double check your plans, feel free to give us a call on 01236 727 776 or pop in and see us at our Cumbernauld yard. With over a couple decades’ experience under our belts, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

It shouldn’t be. A well-built, well-maintained deck will be hazard-free, but, if improperly maintained, slippery algae and mildew could easily grow.

If you take care in maintaining your decking, it should last indefinitely. Even if you don’t, with Stewart Timber wood, your decking could last anywhere from 15-30 years.

Planning your new Decking

In most cases you will not need any planning permission to build your decking, but you should always double-check. We have never heard of anyone having to dismantle a ground-level deck, but more ambitious terraces could cause issues. Regardless, when building or refurbishing, we have found that the best way to avoid any grief is to discuss your plans with your neighbours as well as your Local Planning Authority (LPA).

What our customers say

18 Apr 2014

i came in and knew what I wanted. they didn't pester me by trying to sell me anything else and they delivered it on time and the wood was good quality. i'd come back again