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How To Lay Decking

Read our complete guide to laying a new timber deck in your garden. Includes a full list of equipment and important tips.

Best 15 Garden Fencing Ideas

Gone are the days when garden fences were simply a privacy barrier between your garden and the next.  Quirky, stylish fences have taken the world by storm with many home owners using their garden fence as the frame that holds their gardening canvas together.  There’s umpteen different reasons why somebody might want to erect a […]

How To Level A Garden

As homeowners, we take pride in preserving our gardens. Levelling a garden can end up being a hefty job, but trust us when we tell you it will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to maintaining your garden.  It’s also an extremely practical skill that will save you a few pennies […]

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas For The Low Maintenance Gardener

Don’t fancy yourself as much of a gardener but still want a pretty outdoor space to chill out in? Whilst searching for low maintenance garden ideas, you might be close to just paving over your entire garden so it becomes one big block of concrete. Yes, this is very low maintenance, but it is also […]

Fence Damaged Over Christmas? The Fence Repair Guide

There were some pretty intense winds and showers over the Christmas holidays and it may have taken its toll on your perfect garden fence, forcing you to get stuck into some fence repair Google searches. As soon as you notice a chip or crack in your fence, or notice that they are wobbly, slanted, or […]

5 Reasons To Recruit The Help Of Timber Specialists For Your Garden Project

Despite the bitter cold air and the frosty grass, you might be looking forward to the new year with your plans for your latest garden project. Have you decided whether you’ll go it alone? Or will you recruit the help of timber specialists? If you’re carrying out difficult work or something you’ve not done previously […]

Choosing A Garden Wood Burner

Despite the dreary weather we’ve had recently, here at Stewart Timber, we are big advocates of using your garden to its fullest potential, all year round. From sprucing up your garden decking to insulating your shed, there is lots to do to keep your garden functional over winter. An obvious deterrent to relaxing outside during […]

Garden Decking Ideas For Winter

Remember those lazy summer nights, relaxing on your decking, a warm breeze brushing through your hair and the smell of the BBQ dissipating into the atmosphere? Nights like those are gone for a fair few months. But that doesn’t mean that your decking should be neglected until next year. At Stewart Timber, we’re firm believers […]

How To Make Sure Your Garden Fence Panels Survive The Scottish Winter

Next in our winter garden maintenance series is how to keep your garden fence panels in tip-top shape to survive Glasgow’s rough winter snap! Preparing your garden fence panels for the winter is a fairly straightforward task. You’ll thank yourself for being proactive come spring when you are not met with a massive fence replacement […]