Best 15 Garden Fencing Ideas

Gone are the days when garden fences were simply a privacy barrier between your garden and the next. 

Quirky, stylish fences have taken the world by storm with many home owners using their garden fence as the frame that holds their gardening canvas together. 

There’s umpteen different reasons why somebody might want to erect a garden fence. You might be looking to zone certain areas of your garden? Maybe you’re looking to improve security and privacy? Is there a spot in your garden that needs a little extra shelter? Or perhaps, you’ve been inspired to spruce up your garden with a little more decor?  

Garden fences are very personal so you really need to weigh up your options before diving in. Just remember, it’s going to be the focal point of your garden and you’ll be the one living with it for the foreseeable future!

The limitless garden fencing options can be slightly overwhelming, so we’re here to make life a little easier with our pick of the bunch. With a mixture of cost-effective, stylish, low maintenance and unique fencing alternatives, we hope you enjoy our 15 best garden fencing ideas.




Natural Plant Fence


What could be more soothing than lying in your garden on a warm day with the calming breeze of the wind whistling through the privacy hedge that you planted? No, I couldn’t think of anything either. Both organic and attractive, natural fencing is a wallet-friendly, DIY alternative that’ll shroud your garden in privacy. You could go for a row of bamboo plants in large planters that would build a sense of tranquility around the garden. Another option could be a low maintenance, Thuja conifer hedge that’ll give your garden that colourful, aromatic screen you’ve always wanted.




Natural Wooden Fence


Why not go old-school with a sturdy, natural wooden fence? It might seem like a cop-out, but sometimes less really is more. Your options are boundless and you’ve got the flexibility to do what you like once it’s up. Paint it whatever colour you’d like, hang decorative planters and baskets off it, grow plants through it, while still having that all important protection and privacy from unwanted guests (foxes, critters, neighbours etc.) If you’re planning on rolling your sleeves up and doing a bit of DIY, you’ll need to make sure you get the right wood. Cedar wood is strong, will resist the wet weather and will give your fence a glistening tint. 




Gabion Fence


I think it’s safe to say that gabions are a modern spin on the ‘traditional’ garden fence. It may sound like a creature from middle-earth, but we promise gabions are large metal baskets made out of wire mesh. We know the sound of a metal fence isn’t very attractive. However, fill them up with heavy, sustainable materials such as stone, logs of wood, or even some old artifacts from the loft, (let your imagination go wild) and you’ve got yourself a quirky, elegant feature wall/fence. Gabions are suitable in most gardens and look great with a fire pit! They also guarantee privacy and require next to no maintenance – apart from lugging all your pebbles from the beach to fill it!




Bamboo Fence


There’s something about being surrounded by bamboo that releases a sense of zen and peacefulness through the air. The unique aesthetic of the bamboo can make any house in the west of Scotland feel like a tropical beach hut. The glossy, defined wood is great if you want to cover a concrete wall with an elegant feature. Bamboo also comes in a range of colours so it shouldn’t be too hard to match it up with the rest of your home. In terms of durability, bamboo is incredibly resistant to both sun and rain and your bamboo fence will require minimal maintenance – unless you’re expecting a storm, where we’d advise you to take it down to ensure it doesn’t get ruined!  




 Trellis Fencing 


A garden trellis is the name given to the interwoven lattice design of the wooden fence. Incredibly satisfying to gaze at, the trellis panels creates a see-through boundary that is great for zoning your garden, supporting climbing plants, or hanging up signs, lights, or any other gardening paraphernalia you own. Available in a range of different colours and styles, trellis panels can also be attached to the wall with ease. Without planning permission you can build your trellis fence up to a max of 6’6” which should be high enough for a decent level of privacy.




Woven Panel Fencing


Woven panel fences are a contemporary take on the traditional wooden fence design. As the name suggests, each individual slat is woven in and out of 3 sturdy vertical battens to give the fence its unique bumpy style and texture. They’re particularly good for smaller or more shaded gardens as they don’t make your garden feel too enclosed and the woven panels allow light to pass through while still offering complete privacy. Suited to any type of garden, your woven panel fence would be ideal for framing or screening and comes with a 25 year guarantee.




Picket Fence

I think we’d all agree that the white picket fence has been Hollywood’s go-to for the setting of middle-class suburbia for the past however many years. Elegant and dainty, the picket fence is available in a range of sizes and looks great in any colour. It sets the foundation for a very welcoming and open garden design that brings out the lush greenery of the grass. You’re also onto a winner as it’s relatively easy to install and very cost-effective.




Mesh Panel Fencing


Mesh panel fencing may not appeal to everybody but the rigid structure of the mesh panels makes it incredibly durable, low-maintenance and extremely resistant to vandalism or climbing. There different types of mesh panel fencing – you’ve got mesh wire fencing (which is what you would see surrounding a prison) and then there’s rigid panel mesh fencing which is more common around sports pitches, parks and schools. However, you’ve also got thicker mesh panels that look very stylish (and slightly futuristic) atop the solid walls of a modern house. It could be an option if your house is at the bottom of a hill being looked into by another house and will provide you with a great deal of privacy and protection.



Tire Fence


This is just here to show you where a little imagination can get you. Are you all about sustainability? Why not throw the gardening handbook out the window and add a little rustic character to your garden. All it takes is collecting a few recycled tyres over the years and you’ve got what you need. Stack them on top of each other to your desired height and leave some space to plant mini flower beds or a little vegetable garden in between the tyres. Once you get your chillies growing you really will have a set of ‘hot wheels’!




Stainless Steel Fencing


It may sound as if you’re barricading yourself in from the outside world, but stainless steel fencing is mega contemporary and versatile. With metal fence panels available in all shapes and sizes, you’ve got the ability to design a ‘collage’ like structure around the garden. Stainless steel fences are shaped by laser-cutting so feel free to incorporate your own funky, personalised design if you wish. It’s a chic, modern alternative to your more common garden fence ideas and the stainless steel sheets won’t set you back too much.




Rustic Driftwood Fencing


Plucked straight out of the shire (and a few horror films), rustic driftwood fence will add a barrage of artisan character to your garden. The smooth, ‘spiky-ish’ appearance of the driftwood brings a new dimension of creativity and elegance that will make your garden flourish. You’ve got the option to space your fence posts apart or align them together creating a structure that slightly resembles a Peruvian Pan Flute. If you don’t fancy a driftwood fence covering your whole outdoor space, garden gates are a quirky alternative that’ll bring your garden to life. They also add a certain level of security, but they’re more likely to show your garden off than anything.




Old Shutter Fencing


If you’re in the process of revamping your house, as well as your garden, why not kill two birds with one stone by using your old shutters that would otherwise be going in the skip. You won’t have to spend a penny and you’ll have an idyllic, personal fence that looks authentic. They’re great for hanging plants off and they’ll give your garden a real-homely feel too. You’ve also got the freedom to paint them any colour you wish. Just a thought for the visionaries out there. 




Pallet Fencing


Why not repurpose a few of your old reliable decking pallets and build a traditional pallet fence? Pallets are unique in the way that they are both as equally rustic as they are modern. Easy to score and a relatively simple DIY job, pallets are a popular go-to because of their versatility. They’re small and light enough to stack on top of each other, smooth enough that you can paint them, and cheap enough that you can cover your whole garden for ultimate privacy.




Black Horizontal Slats


An absolute winner when combined with white concrete walls, these black horizontal slats are a modern take on a classy garden fence. Simple, yet elegant, these fences are easy to maintain, and provide a great deal of privacy around your front garden. The contrast of the black fence and the white walls go hand in hand and look great surrounded by an array of trees, flower beds, and lush grass.




Wire Fencing


If you’ve got any pets that like to rummage around your flower beds or vegetable patches, a wire fence is a cheap, low maintenance solution to the problem. Wire fencing can be very unassuming and quite retro in comparison to other fencing ideas, however, it’s still incredibly effective. The transparent appearance of the wire fence ensures that you’ll still have an excellent view of everything that’s going on inside and out. The strength and durability of the wire mesh means that they’ll be able to withstand years of being used as a football goal if you’ve got any children.




What’s next?


So there we have it folks.

I hope you’ve managed to take some inspiration from our diverse collection of fencing ideas.

It’s really important to visualise exactly what you want your garden to look like, and then take the necessary steps to achieve your desired outcome. 

All gardens are different, so you’ve got to utilize your space to create a comfortable, feel-good environment that offers you the right level of privacy and security. 

If you’re looking for a few ideas, why not take a look at our range of fence panels and our decking calculator to calculate how much material you’ll actually need for your project.

If you’d prefer to have a chat about your fencing options, please don’t hesitate to call us at 01236 727 776. Or better yet, come and pay us a visit at our timberyard to discuss your fencing ideas face-to-face.

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