The Perfect Garden Fence: Guide To Wooden Fence Panel Choices

A fence can be one of the most overlooked (literally), yet essential, part of your garden. Sure, they aren’t as exciting as a beautiful flower bed or as whimsical as a feature pond, but they provide so much more to your garden that you might just take for granted.

The right fence can provide:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Boundaries
  • Feature

So whether it’s keeping out the noisy neighbours, keeping in the mischievous pets, or marking out some boundaries, we’ve got the perfect fence for you.

With your needs in mind, check out our guide to wooden fence panel choices.


best garden fences palisade panel

Picket or Palisade Fence

The white picket fence is often a symbol of the “American Dream” but they’re also common here in the UK. Although we call it palisade fencing this side of the pond.

Neat and evenly spaced vertical boards (often painted white) are used primarily for decorative purposes at the front of a house.

Palisade fencing isn’t the most ideal if privacy is what you are after, although they do provide some aspect of separation. As for security, they are generally under one metre in height so not ideal to protect your house. However, they are good for keeping the kids and smaller animals on the right side of the fence.

Picket or palisade fences are most commonly found in the front of the house to have a decorative yet physical boundary around your home and garden.


best garden fences romeo fence

Trellis or Lattice Fence

Trellis or lattice fence panels come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and styles so it’s one of the most versatile choices out there.

You can add trellis or lattice panels to existing fences to add a decorative touch or as a full fence on its own.

This type of panel is primarily used for decorative purposes as they have a distinctive and eye-catching detailing. Additionally, because they have regular gaps in the woodwork, you can grow climbing plants up and over the panel. Rarely used as a full border for your garden they are commonly used to enclose certain areas within the garden.

Depending on how much privacy you want, you can choose between styles with smaller gaps and as previously mentioned you can use climbing plants to cover many of the gaps while brining some nice colours.


best garden fences bowed feather edge

Closeboard Fencing

Also known as feather edge fencing. Closeboard fencing is one of the most robust fencing panel options and is perfect for privacy, security and marking boundaries.

Closeboards are admittedly not the most pretty though. However, constructed with overlapping vertical feather edge boards and standing at six feet tall, closeboard panels are mostly used in back gardens where security and privacy is more important than aesthetics.


weave hurdle fencing

Weave Hurdle Fencing

This fence is commonly constructed by using willow or hazel weaved together to form a beautiful decorative fence.

Weave hurdle fencing works well as a screen as it’s not the most robust type of fence so wouldn’t be used for security purposes.

It gives you a beautiful country look and can have them in a range of heights to fit your privacy needs.


best garden fences elite slatted top

Traditional Lap Panel Fence

If you are one for the more traditional look and feel, you’re probably thinking about lap panel fencing. This is also known as horizontal waney edged fencing.

These fences are a good all-rounder, mixing privacy, security and marking boundaries.

Lap panel fences are constructed with waney edge boards that are slightly overlapped and give a more rustic look than a closeboard fence.

Lap panel fencing is on the cheaper end of the scale and that means you’ll have to regularly treat the wood to protect it from the elements.

Check out our 5 bar overlap fence or for something a bit more stylish and distinctive, check out our V-panel arch fence, too.

There is an endless number of fences to choose from. Whether you want them for security, privacy or to beautifully create a boundary to your garden you are sure to find something right for you.

If you are still looking for fence inspiration check out our article: 6 Best Garden Fences: Pets, Privacy & Veg Patches


If you want to talk to an expert call us on 01236 727776 or contact us here.

Because we use only the best timber your fence will be well protected against rot, fungus and natural decay. With only a little care these panels can last into the decades. Whether you want a slick European curve or a traditional British palisade, we have the fence to border your garden.

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