Reinvent Your Deck

Reinvent Your Decking

It’s easy to install your deck then leave it as is. Not that that’s a bad thing. If you got your deck from us, it’s a fine deck, after all. Some might say it’s a mighty fine deck! But if you leave even the best deck unchanged for years, it can get stale and boring.

Every now and then you need to update your deck to keep the space fresh. Change, as they say, is the spice of life.

So to help get your grey matter in gear, we’ve collected some of the best decking ideas out there and listed them below. Read on, get inspired and send us some photos of your updated deck.


Think Geometric

While most decks go with the grain (we’re not proud of that pun), there’s variation to be had out there. Instead of arranging decking boards in uniform rows, why not buy boards in two complimentary colours and lay them in squares for a checkerboard effect.

If you’re especially well prepared, you could even pick up some large chess pieces and break them out as a party piece.


Bring Comfort Outside

Introducing chunky indoor features to an outdoor space creates a really beguiling mix. The deck above has created a central feature out of a large stone fireplace, bringing a comforting element from indoors to the outside space.

Toss in some kiln dried firewood, cosy up and relax into the wee hours.


Create Natural Shade

Finding shelter from the blazing midday sun isn’t a particular concern in Scotland. However, for those two sunny weeks in summer, it can be nice to have a bit of shade on your deck to give you respite from the sun…or drizzle!.

A pergola is the perfect way to do this. Because the roof is made up of a canopy of plants, it doesn’t cast a complete shadow and allows patches of light to fall through. It’s the perfect mix of shade and sun.


Create Partitioned Spaces

Your deck doesn’t have to be one large expansive space. Use fencing or planters to create borders and segment the space.

Partition off a barbecue for an outdoor kitchen feel or create an enclosed seating area for cosy evening relaxation.


Think Formal

Just because you’re eating outside doesn’t mean you have to abandon all eating decorum. Move a table outside and dress it formally to create a proper dining space. Table cloths, wine glasses and fancy china are all a must.



Reuse, reduce, recycle and look great doing it. Upcycling is the new hot thing in design and it’s time your deck got in on the action.

Anything has the potential to be upcycled so it’s time to peel those peepers. An old colander makes a quirky succulent planter, a sanded pallet makes a comfy bench and a cable reel is the perfect premade table.

Hit Pinterest, get inspired and get with the times.


Grow It, Pick It, Eat It

Functional growing spaces don’t have to look like allotments. Fill some pots with tomatoes and strawberries for easy mid-summer snacking.


Do you have any secret tips to shake up your deck? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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