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Seven Simple Yet Innovative Ideas For Your Garden

Aug 2014

Colour and Contrast 

painted fenceTraditionally, we Brits will keep our timber unpainted or only paint it neutral colours. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you have an artistic flare and skill with a brush, why not be a bit more outlandish? Bring a summery feel to your garden all year round with bold, bright colours; or play with monochrome – have a black fence clashing tastefully with white garden furniture.


Different Materials

You might have guessed from the name, but we are timber specialists. We love timber. That said, we begrudgingly admit that there are other materials on this planet.

hardwood and paving

We’ve seen some really innovative uses of our mixed materials over the years: for example, having a timber deck paving or with channels of coloured rocks, bark, or flower beds.


You might simply want a planters because they are visually pleasing, adding a new dynamic to your garden. They look especially interesting if they are at contrast with their environment. Say you have a ‘naked’, horizontal slatted planter that is set against a vertically slatted, painted fence. Vegetable-Planter-Box-Plans-Dan

Planters can also be a great, practical way of  growing your own vegetables and herbs, making it easier to tend, divide and organise your produce, while ensuring you are using only the best soil. We have a large range of planters from the elaborate to the simple.


Blurred Lines

Whether you opt for vertical, horizontal, diamond, chevron, or V-shaped slats, whether you are adding diamond or square trellises, whether your fence is bowed, concave or straight, these lines will have a big impact on how your garden looks and feels.

horizontal fence

If you want you garden to have a cosier atmosphere, choose a fence with vertical slats. Conversely, horizontal slats make a space seem larger, the lines encouraging your eyes to look around the entirety of a space. You could also add new lines and reimagine a large green space with a stand-alone feature, like the Oslo Arch Panel, or use a taller fence panel as an oriental-style partition. This looks especially lovely with a trellis design and climbing plants.



wooden walkwayA walkway is a fantastic way to connect your garden up both literally and aesthetically. We might be ever-so-slightly biased, but we think timber walkways look especially beautiful. Plus, they are easier than you might think to build. Give us a call if you want some advice.


Bring the Inside Outside

This is one for those rare sunny days where you can safely invite your friends and family round for a barbecue. Bring the inside outside and the outside inside by using the same set of pillows and throws in your living room and in your outside decking.


Upcycle Wooden Pallets

A mix of ever-present DIY spirit and credit crunch-induced frugality means reusing discarded, cheap materials, like old wooden pallets, is all the rage at the moment. Pinterest wall-to-virtual-wall with pictures of creatively ‘upcycled’ pallets.

pallet furniture

Some clever clogs out there have transformed pallets into vertical planters, shoe-racks, and swings. One of the easiest ways to re-appropriate them is stacked up to create tables on your deck. The rough, beater texture of the wood can add some edge to your garden, or you can simple treat or paint the timber, as you would do with normally decking.


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