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Stains and Oils

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  • Decking Cleaner

    Decking Cleaner

    Cuprinol Decking Restorer is a powerful detergent that has been specially formulated to completely remove dirt, grease, algae and mould before applying a treatment.

    The restorer is available in 2.5L tubs and will cover around 20 square meters.

    £10.79 inc.Vat | £8.99 ex.VAT More Info
  • Decking Restorer

    Decking Restorer

    Cuprinol have developed an easy to use restorer to remove the grey, weathered surface wood and reveal the beautiful golden timber underneath. The decking restorer comes in 2.5L tubs which will clean around 20 square meters of decking.

    £23.23 inc.Vat | £19.36 ex.VAT More Info
  • Decking Spray

    Decking Spray

    Cuprinol Sprayable Deck Treatment has been specially developed to provide a professional finish in only one coat. The powerful but fine spray allows you to reach all the awkward corners and hidden crevices while maintaining a consistent and smooth finish.

    Cuprinol Sprayable Deck Protector is available in a 3L tub in a range of colours.

    £16.74 inc.Vat | £13.95 ex.VAT More info
  • Deck Stain

    Deck Stain

    Cuprinol Ultra Tough Decking Stain offers a specially designed semi-transparent stain for your deck. On top of a quality stain Cuprinol have included special anti-slip microbeads and an algaecide that combine to make treated decks substantially safer than those that are untreated.

    £24.70 inc.Vat | £20.58 ex.VAT More info
  • Deck Oil & Protector

    Deck Oil & Protector

    Cuprinol Deck Oil & Protector offers superior protection to all types of garden decking. Its triple action formula forms an impenetrable barrier to keep your decking looking and feeling great for many years to come. Cuprinol Deck Oil& Protector comes in a 2.5L tin.

    £20.96 inc.Vat | £17.47 ex.VAT More info