5 Sheds for Summer Inspiration

5 Sheds for Summer Inspiration

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to dust off your wellies and get ready for a summer of blue skies, barbeques and a suspicious lack of midges. (We can dream, can’t we?)

While we can’t promise you a midge-free summer, we can promise you some things like outstanding sheds, beautiful decking and sturdy fencing. The stuff we’re good at, you know?

To get you in the summer mentality, we’ve collected five of our very favourite sheds for your inspiration.

So take a look, get inspired and give us a call when if want to bring some of that inspiration to your garden.


#1 Summer House or Sweat Shop?

Here’s an awesome summer house from the lovely people at Fun Blue Plaques. Now updated with its very own blue plaque, it’s the perfect headquarters for the company.

Summer House or Sweat Shop?

With sweet outdoor seating, big bright windows and a handy overhanging roof, the Sweat Shop is a brilliant shed for any weather.


#2 The Four-Year Shed Sphere

While it would probably look a bit silly in our gardens, we love this beautiful spherical shed from Tom Chudleigh, which won best shed in Cuprinol’s competition last year.

The Four-Year Shed Sphere

Tom spent a whopping four years carefully crafting his shed and it definitely shows in the faultless exterior and beautiful interior. Tom’s shed is fully suspended off the ground, hanging from the forest canopy on long ropes.

If you want to experience it for yourself, Tom’s actually renting out the space for people to stay in!


#3 The Stripey Shed

Here’s a fantastic shed from Jane Gordon that looks amazing with its blue and white striped design.

It’s actually a great reminder that timber sheds don’t need to stay timber-coloured and can be improved with a quick coat of paint.

The Stripey Shed

Here’s Jane explaining how her shed came to be.

We had just moved into a new build house — completely white walled, stain-free and sparkly. A new but very plain shed was in the garden.

The house was not due any painting any time soon but I was desperate to get creative with something, and the shed was asking to be given some attention. So I painted it and brought some sunshine to the garden. It was occupied for a while by my kids who used it like a playhouse but they are too old for that now.

So sadly it’s now full of my hubby’s various man-tools and the obligatory rusting exercise bike. But from the outside, I still love it and I still get complimented on it.


#4 Hilltop Hideaway

Another entry from Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year competition, this colourful square shed is a touch more traditional than Tom Chudleigh’s creation but it’s just as inventive.

Hilltop Hideaway Shed

Built in Granada by Daniel Cabezas, this shed is actually built entirely from materials scavenged from a scrapyard. Talk about sustainable!

Inside, it’s built over two levels and has a massive window at the front to keep it light and bright.

We love how Daniel’s shed takes a traditional overlap construction style but updates it with a vibrant paint scheme. Maybe an idea for someone with understanding neighbours?


#5 A Garden Oasis

At the bottom of most gardens are rhododendrons or rusting bikes or bags of compost. At the bottom of Laura’s, however, there’s a perfect professional oasis.

A Garden Oasis

Laura’s garden office looks idyllic, surrounded by potted plants and perfectly cut grass. The shed is fronted with three large windows and a windowed door to make sure the inside stays bright.

If you told us we had to move office to the bottom of Laura’s garden, there would be absolutely no complaints!


Get Your Perfect Shed

So, just like that you’ve got four brilliant sheds for your inspiration! Now your inspiration levels of topped up, it’s time to pick out your ideal shed.

At Stewart Timber we’ve got a huge range of timber sheds, ranging from super affordable apex sheds all the way up to custom designed bespoke sheds.

So, jump over to our garden shed page or visit our timber yard today to discover your perfect shed.

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