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Fence Panels

At Stewart Timber we want your garden to look its best. That’s why all of our fencing panels are made with the very best pressure treated timber and crafted to the highest standard.

Because we use only the best timber your fence will be well protected against rot, fungus and natural decay. With only a little care these panels can last into the decades. Whether you want a slick European curve or a traditional British palisade, we have the fence to border your garden.

Traditional Panels

For the more classically minded, we have a range of traditional fencing panels. Our ever popular Palisade Panel brings iconic scenes to your back garden. If you want something a little more tried-and-tested we recommend our ever-popular 5 Bar Overlap Panel.

If you’re after something a little more curvy, there’s our Bowed Feather Edge Panel. The top of this panel rises to a slight bump in the middle and when the the panels are tiled the sequence forms a series of gentle hills.

European Panels

For those who want something altogether more continental, we have a number of quality styles from across the channel. Our York Panels provide a curvy alternative to the classic 5 Bar, while the Verona offers a powerful V-shaped cut-out that opens up any garden. Our favourite is the arched V Panel which brings forms an attractive V-shape with intricately interlaced wooden panels.

Fence Panels Reviews

  • Nicholas Shepherd

    21 Sep, 2012

    Thanks for the wood delivery. Drop well placed and good material. Much appreciated. Kind regards.