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Spruce Up Your Deck

Oct 2014

Timber decks are a fantastic way to bridge the space between house and garden. However, we often find that once constructed, people leave a deck to its own devices and this squanders all of a deck’s potential. By changing up the layout of your deck or by dressing it differently, you can completely reinvent and reinvigorate the space.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas from our customers and from around the web.



Timber furniture is all well and good but it does take its toll on the old derriere during long periods of sitting. Scatter a few cushions around to make your benches and chairs more comfortable.

It’s also a great way to inject a bit of colour into the natural browns and greys of the timber.


Think Vertically

Scattering containers across your deck injects another dimension to the space. Use big, bright, tall flowers to keep this theme going and exploit the vertical space. You could even mix some strawberry plants and tomato vines into your decorative plants to give you something to snack on during the long summer nights.


Cover Up

Picture the scene. Scotland. July. The sky is a brilliant blue and the smell of roses hangs in the air. The mercury in the thermometer creeps towards the mid-twenties.

Oooft, I hear you say. That’s a bit warm for me.

Well, dear reader, I have a solution for you.

The pergola!

Now imagine reclining on your favourite seat, sipping a glass of red wine (or bottle of Stella) and watching the football – all in the glorious shade and serenity of your new pergola.


The Edible Garden

Your deck probably sits on a big slice of what was your garden but that doesn’t mean it has to stop growing. Scatter some containers across your deck and plant up tomatoes, beans, peas, carrots and potatoes. They look great, taste phenomenal and add a really nice rustic twist to your deck.

Light It Up

When the sun disappears under the horizon, it isn’t time to move inside. Pick up some a dozen or so solar lights and artfully place them around your deck to create a lovely soft atmosphere during the long summer evenings.

Blur the Threshold

Decks are a strange mixture of house and garden and offer a great opportunity to play with that distinction more? Lay down rugs to introduce a more internal feel and then confuse matters with rustic containers of tomato vines and strawberries plants.

Is it inside? Is it outside? Does it matter? Not really. Just sit back and enjoy it.


How were our tips? Good? Bad? Ugly? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. (Actually if you think our suggestions are ugly, keep it to yourself.)

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