Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed

Are you growing tired of your old garden shed? Do you actively avoid it and all its cluttered insides every time you pass it? Well, maybe it’s time for a change.

With a little cash and a bit of time, you can turn your garden shed into a creative and unique space.

Maybe your kids need a playhouse? Perhaps the wife has been asking for a greenhouse? Or maybe a home spa for the hubby is what your family home needs?


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed3


Ideas for converting your old garden shed are limitless!

Here at Stewart Timber, we love a good DIY so we’ve gathered a list of pretty awesome spaces that you could turn your shed into with just a little handy work! Check out our ideas below for some inspiration on how you can repurpose your old garden shed.


Garden workshop


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 4


If you are a handy person then having a garden workspace is probably a dream come true. Why not turn you old shed it into a workshop for all your projects?

All you really need to do is clear the space, get a worktop, make sure you’ve got the tools and make space for whatever storage you need.

If your shed is too small for a workshop, consider if you can organize it differently or if you can extend it to add a few extra square metres.


Garden office


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 6


Turning your garden shed into a home office can be ideal for you that work from home a lot.

While it might not provide you with the same amount of space as an actual office, it offers you the privacy and a small piece of designated space to work at home.

Having a separate home office ensures that any chaos happening in the main house does not hamper your concentration.

Check our guide ‘How to convert a shed into an office’ for some hands-on tips on how to do this well.


Your personal cave


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 2


Have you always wanted a place to call your own? A place you can escape the day to day stresses of your life even if it is for a short while?

Well, your dusty garden shed can easily be converted into a man or woman cave.

What you need in your cave is entirely up to yourself. Do you need your Xbox to wind down from a busy day at work? Do pull ups and squats re-energise you? Perhaps an episode of How I Met Your Mother is how you calm your nerves before a big day?

Whatever it is that makes you tick, get it and put it in your cave!

If you live in a semi-cold environment like us, you might need to invest in some good insulation to keep a decent temperature in your personal cave.


Bike shed


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 5


Got bikes scattered around the garden? Maybe there’s a mountain bike blocking the garage right now? Or maybe you’ve not got a bike because you’ve not got the space to store it?

Prepare to wave goodbye to all of your bad excuses, because an old garden shed makes the perfect bike shed.

All you have to do is declutter the shed to make enough space to store your bike or bikes. We also recommend you invest in a padlock so you can keep the shed locked and your bikes safe.

If you’ve got more than one bike, consider getting a rack or a hanger for the wall to avoid the dreaded tangled pile of bicycles.


Personal observatory


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 1


If you are into astronomy, you could turn your shed into your own personal observatory.

You’ll know better than us what telescopes to get so we won’t touch on that, but installing a glass roof or a roof window that opens is fairly easy to get done.

If you’re thinking of replacing the roof or changing things in the structure, it’s a good idea to consult a professional. You need to ensure that you do it right and that your personal observatory is, in fact, safe to use after the new installation.


Additional living space


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 8


Do you need more space for when the inlaws come to visit? You can easily convert a larger shed into a guest house. If you need space for a double bed then your shed obviously needs to be of a certain size but the transformation is easy.

You need to make the new guest house somewhat habitable or you’ll end up with some cranky overnight guests. This could include installing electricity and insulation.

Once you’ve got the room insulated and furnished, there’s nothing left to do but make the room homey and cosy.


Home spa


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 9


Fancy a relaxing retreat in your backyard? No travelling expenses and no planning in advance. Sounds pretty awesome if you ask us.

A spa experience constitutes a lot of different things for different people. Maybe you want a hot tub, perhaps you’re a sucker for a sauna? Or maybe you love to collapse on a chaise longue and listen to rain soundtracks?

Whatever makes you feel pampered and gives you new energy, get a hold of it and make yourself a home spa in your old shed.


A backyard bar


Think Outside The Box: Other Uses For Your Garden Shed 7


Do you love entertaining guests? Add a little twist to entertaining guests by taking them into your backyard pub.

Making your old shed into a backyard put isn’t hard or overly time-consuming. You need to construct a basic bar, get a speaker, invest in a few high chairs and you’re good to go!

There are endless ideas on how you can upgrade your garden shed. Got a shed you want to show off? We’d love to see it!

At Stewart Timber, we’ve got a wide range of sheds available, and we do custom builds too! In other words, if you’re looking for a unique hexagon shaped home spa with space for an inflatable tub — you know where to find us (If we made a wrong assumption there, then we’re online and in Cumbernauld). Get in touch today to see how we can help you get the shed of your dreams.

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