Deck Lighting Ideas To Make Your Outdoors Shine

The right lighting can really help make your wooden decking shine and helps to make it more useful.

When you have lighting, you are able to safely enjoy your deck in the evening hours, whether it to be sip on a glass of wine or to host a party with family or friends.

If you are looking to brighten up your deck, you may find yourself wondering what lighting options are available to you. Here are a few of the top deck lighting ideas that can help make your outdoor space shine.


Strand Lighting


Deck Lighting

If you are looking for decking ideas that can you can use to brighten your deck on your own, one of the top options may be strand lighting.

Stand lighting is very similar to the lights that you use to decorate your home at Christmas time. However, these lights don’t look Christmasy at all.


Many companies are manufacturing stand lights in various colours, warmths and designs to help enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Strand lighting can make the space whimsical, romantic or inviting. Oh, and best of all — strand lighting is extremely easy to hang on your own. You can hang the strands on the underside of your patio roof or cover or wrap them around the rail on your patio.


Waterproof LED Tape


Deck Lighting LED


Another way that you can light up your wood decking yourself is to use waterproof LED tape.

Waterproof led tape is rolled into a large spool that looks like a large version of a roll of tape. One side of the roll has adhesive already on it. When you peel back the paper on the back and expose the sticky surface, you can simply take that sticky surface and stick it around your deck to put it into place.

LED tape is most commonly used on the underside of handrails on a deck or on the climber portion of stairs on the deck.

The lights provide just enough light to outline the deck and allow people to see where they are going.


Motion Lights


Deck Lighting Spotlight


If you are looking to light up your deck and improve security around your home, motion lights may be a great choice to hang near your wooden decking.

However, as you select motion lights, try to select lights that have a softer hue to them than floodlights. Floodlights can be too bright, especially if you are looking to have a relaxing evening out on your deck.

Fortunately, motion lights utilize different types of lighting elements, ensuring there is one that will work for you.


Post Cap Lighting


Deck Lighting Post Light

If you are looking to have a professional install lighting around your deck, post cap lighting may be an option you want to consider.

Look at all of the posts that make up the railing on your deck. Each of those posts can be topped with a post cap that has a light that emits from it.


If you are looking for a reasonable amount of lighting, post cap lighting can provide you with a large amount of lighting without being too bright and overwhelming.


Stair Lighting


Deck Lighting Stair Lights


The last option that is available to you to help make your wooded deck shine is stair lighting.

Lights can be installed into the stairs that lead up to or go away from your deck. This helps to improve the safety of the deck, ensuring those walking the stairs in the dark can see where they are going.

The drawback to stair lighting is that it doesn’t help with illuminating your deck once you finish walking up the stairs —and you often need the help of a professional to install them.

However, if you use stair lighting in conjunction with other lighting materials, such as string lights or post cap lights, the two lighting types greatly compliment each other.

Installing the right lighting can help to make your deck cosier and more inviting.

If you have yet to install a deck or you need to have a deck rebuilt, you may find yourself wondering where to turn.

Deck Lighting cosy

Here at Stewart Timber, we can help you with all of your decking Scotland needs. Contact us today to discuss your decking needs and how we can help.

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