How to Convert Your Garden Shed Into a Functioning Office Space

Working from home can have many benefits. You can wave goodbye to travel costs, you can take your breaks when you want them and it’s often quieter than in a traditional office.

However, if you’ve got kids running about and Netflix blaring in the background, it’s practically impossible to not get distracted when working from the family dining table.

How to Convert Your Garden Shed Into a Functioning Office Space 2

That’s where the home office comes in.

If you’ve got a room in your house that’s standing empty, you can, of course, use that but who has an empty room just waiting to be used? Not us that’s for sure. But there’s another way too.

Have you ever considered turning your old garden shed into a fully functioning office space?

Shed conversions have become increasingly popular over the last few years. More people are working from home and need a quiet space to gather their thoughts or space where they can live out their creative side.

We think shed conversions are fantastic so we’ve created a simple guide covering how to convert your garden shed into a fully functioning, awesome office space.

Start by Planning

Begin by planning for your shed conversion to ensure that you do things right from the start. You will need to know what kind of outdoor office shed you want. This will usually depend on the type of work you do, your budget and your tastes and preferences.

Inspect your current shed and determine if it’s feasible to convert it into an office. Advice from a professional can help you avoid transforming a shed that isn’t in good shape for remodelling or one that will have a short life as an office.

If it’s not in good condition, consider fixing it up first or purchasing a new one if the repairs are going to cost more than a replacement.

How to Convert Your Garden Shed Into a Functioning Office Space 3

Location, location, location

If you already have a shed, determine whether you want your office to remain in the same location or move the structure to a new site.

If you are buying a new shed to convert, consider the size of space you have in your garden and where you would want your office to be situated.

Do you want in the front or backyard? Do you want it next to the house or a distance away from the dwelling? Where can the office be easily accessible at all times? How close does the shed need to be to essential amenities like electricity and internet connection? How can you maximise natural light?

How to Convert Your Garden Shed Into a Functioning Office Space 1

Insulate the shed

Garden sheds that have been used for gardening, will usually not have any insulation. This is fine for storing shovels and lawnmowers but when you’re working you need a constant and comfortable temperature.

By installing layers of insulation, you can help keep moisture away and keep the heat inside. Proper insulation will help you save money on energy bills and keep temperatures regulated both in hot and cold seasons. Also, remember that heat can escape through any surface so consider insulating the floor, walls and ceiling too.

If you live in Scotland (like us), you’ll need more than just insulation to stay warm in the winter months. By for example installing a simple fan heater that does warm and cold air, you can regulate temperatures as you wish.

Office design and interior

Now that you’ve got four walls and a roof over your head, it’s time to make some magic.

Before you get too carried away with fun office decor and details, have a think about the level of practicality you need. How much storage will your office require? What’s your furniture budget? Is a simple setup enough or do you need a space for hosting small meetings as well?

How to Convert Your Garden Shed Into a Functioning Office Space 4

Think practical first then tweak it to fit your personal style. Remember to bring in some plants to bring the space to life.

Oh, and don’t forget the lighting! Lighting is a bit like office temperatures. If you don’t have the right gear, your work will suffer and you can end up with some long-term health implications.

For professional advice on whether your shed is fit for purpose, or if you’re looking for a new shedcontact our shed-experts today!

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