3 Amazing Raised Decking Ideas For Summer 2018 (and beyond)

It’s finally spring which means we’re already dreaming of the Great British Summer. Sitting out back with some cool pints and sausages grilling on the BBQ, friends are around, kids running about playing, life is good.

If you want to make the most of this time then having a wonderful outdoor area for socialising is going to do just that. And we believe that there is no better way that having an amazing raised deck to really make the most of your space, as well as the summer.


Benefits Of Having A Deck

  • If you want to look at it logistically first and foremost, raised decks are amazing at dealing with uneven ground. So if your house is on the top of a slope then a raised deck is the perfect solution to make things look even and utilise the space that you have around your home.
  • If you are a big fan of entertaining then having a deck is the ultimate social space. We all love firing up a barby as soon as the temperature goes over 10 degrees and having it on a lovely wooden deck is the cherry on top.
  • Garden decks are also great for creating some additional garden space, some raised decks (if they’re raised high enough) can even allow you to create two levels, promoting a healthier lifestyle of spending time outdoors.
  • A deck can increase your home value by providing even more usable space.f you make it into a showstopper like suggest in this article, then you will be sure to see the value soar.
  • And finally, boy do they look awesome. If you want some neighbour envy, then creating your own custom built deck is a sure fire way of getting it. Even just a standard pre-design deck can make your home so much more visually appealing.

We hope that’s sold you on why you need a garden deck, it’s should make us want to kick back on one anyway.

Before you start make sure you are up to date with rules and regulations surrounding deck building. Check out our blog: Do I Need Planning Permission For My Deck?

If you already have a deck but just want to update it then check out our article: Reinvent Your Deck for some nifty ideas or if you want to simply just Spruce Up Your Deck then we have it all here for you too.

However if your starting from scratch, or planning a total overhaul into something truly unique then check out these 3 amazing ideas for a raised deck.


Take A Trip To The Seaside

Sail away with me honey..
What is better on a sunny day than a lovely trip to the seaside? But that means loading up the car, getting the suncream on the kids, packing a picnic and fighting for space to put your towel down on the beach. Well no more, check out these lovely beach inspired ideas for your deck to bring the seaside to you.

Check out some amazing ideas from onekindesign

raised deck amazing ideas seaside beach
Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture


Create A Magical Play Area For The Kids

Who didn’t dream of having a treehouse as a child? Well with a deck you can make this dream come to life.
If you have an old, sturdy tree in your garden then why not build your raised deck around it to make a treehouse come tree-deck that can be just as magical but a lot safer.

raised deck amazing ideas summer treehouse
Kimberly Porch And Garden


Spoil Mans Best Friend

If your raised deck works out to leave some space underneath as well, why not create a sheltered and shaded room for your dog.
This is great if the space below is too small to create space for people, but it shouldn’t just go to waste. Kit it out with a dog bed, bowls and some toys and we’re sure your dog will love it.

raised deck amazing ideas dog house


Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your brand new deck in tip top condition: Deck Maintenance For Dummies (And Regular Folk) as well as some amazing advice on how to protect your deck long term: 4 Ways To Protect Your Deck.


Ready For Your New Deck?

When choosing your garden deck you need to consider how you’d like it to look, how much work you are wanting to put into it, and how much you are willing to spend. Choose accordingly.

All our decking boards here at Stewart Timber are made from Swedish red pine, and all are pressure treated to protect from insects, moist and normal decay. If you’ve got plans to build a wooden deck this spring, we’d recommend you check out our decking calculator! You give us the specifications of what you’d like your deck to be like, we give you a no obligation quote. Easy peasy


If you have any amazing deck stories or pictures please feel free to leave a comment below or post your pictures on our Facebook page.

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