6 Best Garden Fences: Pets, Privacy & Veg Patches

You can have any number of reasons to build a garden fence. Sometimes, your humble fence has quite a few requirements to fill, from being lovely to look over to protecting prize veg from local wildlife. So how can you find the best garden fences for you?

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our top fences for different purposes, and handy tips to consider whilst installing them.

Let us know how you get on!


Best Garden Fences for: Pets


best garden fences for pets


You’ve discovered that your newest furry family member is a jumper or, sometimes worse, a digger. If we’re talking dogs, then you want something sturdy and opaque. Even if dogs can hear what’s going on through the fence panels, being unable to actually see other dogs or people passing can reduce their anxiety or urges to go and say hello. Go for a 6ft fence with no gaps to be on the safe side. Consider burying it deep to prevent pups from digging their way out.


best garden fences 5 bar overpal
5 Bar Overlap Fence


Something like our 5 bar overlap fence, in the 6ft size, would be a good option. For something a bit more stylish and distinctive, check out our V-panel arch fence, too, photographed below.

Make sure that you don’t place anything sturdy close to the fence that a dog or cat could use to jump up and over – they will take advantage! You can also try planting shrubs around the interior of the fence-line, as this will make it more difficult for your furry friend to get a run up if they do decide to have a go.


best garden fences v panel with arch
V-panel Arch Fence


If you are trying to keep smaller animals safe during the day, then we also have agricultural wire fencing. Perfect for putting together a chicken coop or a safe, grassy area for rabbits and guinea pigs. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, just get in touch.


Best Garden Fences for: Veg Gardens



Growing veg is so rewarding, as long as you get to the crop before the rabbits do!

If you still want a bit of a view, but you are determined to keep out small, four-legged creatures then the smaller size of the 5 bar overlap fence would be the one of the best garden fences for your needs.


best gaden fences omega fence panel
Omega Fence Panel



See also the curved and latticed Omega panels, which look fantastic from all angles so won’t upset your neighbours if you’re looking for a fence on shared boundaries.

Best Garden Fences for: Growing Flowers



If you are taking the time to landscape and cultivate your garden, then the fence needs to look the part. Here’s our pick of the best garden fences to complement a beautiful garden.


best garden fences romeo fence
Romeo Fence Panel


We love the Romeo fence panels, as their curved trellises would look fantastic draped with ivy or other climbers.


best garden fences palisade panel
Palisade Fence Panel


For a traditional picket fence style, our Palisade Panel is an affordable, sturdy option to complement beautiful borders.

Best Garden Fences for: Security



Just looking for a bit of well-earned peace in the garden? We don’t blame you! Feel private and secure with one of our 6ft fences – we have plenty to choose from.


best garden fences bowed feather edge
Bowed Feather Edge Fence


As well as the options listed above in the ‘pets’ section, take a look at the Bowed Feather Edge Fence – the gently curved tops look lovely whilst providing a tough and sturdy boundary to your space.


best garden fences elite slatted top
Elite Slatted Top Fence


Our Elite fencing is also a one of the best garden fences for anyone looking for something attractive but private. The Venetian-style panels at the top still let in the light, but the height means that you can enjoy your garden in peace.

If you’ve still not found the perfect fence for you, then browse our website here and we’re sure you’ll find something fantastic for your requirements! If you have any queries, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to talk fences. Good luck selecting your new garden fences!

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