3 Tips For Making Your Apex Shed Secure

Garden sheds are often used for storing valuable items like garden tools, sports equipment and bicycles. Have a think about all the bits and pieces you’ve got lying around in your shed and add up the total price of your shed possessions.

It’s probably quite a lot of money.

That’s why garden sheds are a prime target for opportunist thieves as they are often easy to break into and the pickings are good.

Lucky for you, we know just the way you can help secure your shed and reduce the risk of an unfortunate break-in.

If you follow our three tips to secure your apex shed, you can help deter burglars and avoid losing valuable items.

secure storage shed

1. Inspect your garden shed thoroughly and secure its door with strong locks

The first step to securing your shed is carrying out an inspection to determine its current security.

Start by inspecting the structure itself and look for weak spots that a burglar could target. For example, can you prise the roof up and off the walls? Some thieves have been known to lift off weak roofs to gain access into sheds.

Next, make sure that the door is in good condition. There’s no point in buying a big chunky padlock is a burglar can knock the door off its hinges.

If it’s in good condition, you can almost always make the hinges and locks stronger. Consider using coach screws or clutch-head screws on the door’s hinges as well as the latch and hasp. These screws are difficult to unscrew and will give an intruder a hard time breaking through the door.

Install two heavy padlocks on the door at standard intervals from the top and bottom. Closed-shackle padlocks are the best option because they have less metal hoop exposed, making it difficult to break them with bolt cutters.

Plus, if your apex shed has windows, consider covering them to prevent a thief from viewing what’s inside. You can also use bars or mesh over the windows to make it harder for burglars to get in through the window.

secure storage shed

2. Secure items inside the garden shed to prevent them from being carried off

Even if a thief manages to get their way into your shed, you can make it hard for them to take off with any valuable equipment in your storage shed. Use heavy-duty chains and padlocks to link several tools and equipment together.

While someone can easily make off with a lawn mower, it’s going to be much harder if the lawn mower is chained to two bicycles, a chainsaw and some garden furniture.

The heavier the items you link up, the more difficult it is for the bugler to carry them off the shed or property. This tactic can be inconvenient if you use your tools and equipment on a daily basis so some people will only chain everything up if they are away for a longer period, for example over winter or when they go on holiday.

If your garden shed has a concrete base, you can install anchor bolts on the floor and then use heavy-duty chains and padlocks to secure your equipment to the ground. This will give a burglar an even harder time if they try to break off the chains and locks.

Remember: be careful of what you keep in the garden shed as thieves can often find tools that may be handy to break into your house.


secure storage shed

3. Install CCTV’s, sensors and security lighting

If you’re particularly worried about thieves in your neighbourhood, you should consider installing CCTV in and around your shed as an extra deterrent.

CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent as most thieves turn back when they spot them. If they do continue after spotting the camera, the recordings will help you identify the faces of intruders in case of a successful break-in.

If you use any form of sensor technology in your house, consider using it in your apex shed as well. Place some sensors on its doors and windows so that you can be alerted in case someone tries to tamper with your shed.

Also, install proper security lighting in the area around your shed. Motion activated security lights can come in very handy in deterring potential thieves.

These are some of the main ways you can keep your apex shed secure from break-ins and theft. If you want some additional tips to cater for your specific type of garden shed, get in touch with one of our professionals from Stewart Timber for some simple hands-on advice.

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