What Size Apex Shed Should I Buy?  

You’ve decided to invest in a sturdy apex shed? Great!

While apex sheds are built to last, they can cost a pretty penny. So it’s important to make sure you pick the right size to meet your needs.

Now you’re scanning the market for a new garden shed, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing which size is best for you.


Consider the Purpose of Your Shed


An apex shed can serve many purposes and can be be designed with your needs in mind.

Are you looking for a simple space to store some tools? Sporting equipment? A motorbike? Or do you hope to use the space as a makeshift office space or workshop? Maybe you just fancy a relaxing spot to chill out in at the end of a hectic day!

Compare the type of add-ons you want. What type of door do you want? Do you want windows? Do you need shelving or special flooring?

These extra bits and pieces may affect the size of shed you will need to buy.

Compare shed types, styles and amenities before making a final purchase decision.



Calculate Your Budget


Apex sheds at Stewart Timber range in price from £200 to over £2,000. How much we charge depends on the style, size and any accessories you want to add into the mix.

If you need to stick to a budget, this will affect the maximum size of shed you will able to buy.

You need to decide whether you’ll build it from scratch or purchase a bespoke shed.

Will you be putting some elbow grease into installing it yourself or getting someone else to?

Considering these added extras, custom builds and installation costs will give you a better grasp on your budget.

Think about how much cash you have to splash and your needs when determining the right shed size for you.



Measure Available Area


There’s no use in buying the biggest apex shed available if you can barely fit it in your garden.

Before choosing a shed of any size, measure the area you plan to build it on.

Some of the most common sizes of apex sheds are 6×4, 8×6 and 10×8.

Smaller sheds like the 6×4 are ideal as a tool shed. While they might look small, you can maximise the smaller space by installing custom shelving units or hanging hooks. It offers a compact space to store all your gardening and DIY tools rather than cramming them in your garage.

A larger 8×6 shed is suitable for those with a wide array of tools and chunky equipment. With an 8×6, you could fit a motorcycle or a few bicycles too if you like.

Alternatively, you could use an 8×6 garden shed as a small workshop or office space. Its slightly larger size means you’ll have room to work as well as store your valuables.

A 10×8 shed is best for those who are looking for a second garage or who need an open space to work freely. Whether you’re renovating an old motorbike or doing a fair amount of DIY, a 10×8 shed is the perfect space.



So What Shed Size Do You Need?


Whatever you do, compare all your options before investing in a new apex shed for your garden.

Ask questions, review photos of different shed sizes and try and imagine the shed in your garden.

Take the time to learn more about what each size of shed offers to ensure you’re confident in your decision and satisfied with the resulting shed.

Stewart Timber offers a fantastic range of apex sheds in all sizes and even a custom-build service. Whatever your shed size needs, Stewart Timber can help you out!

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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