How to Convert a Shed to an Office

Imagine the scene. Settling down in the early morning at a desk in your own timber office, hot cup of tea in hand and the sound of the garden birds twittering.

It might sound like a dream but it is simpler than you might think to convert a shed to an office. A well-made shed is capable of far more than just holding tools or toys. Whether you are seeking office space for freelance work or simply as a quiet spot to read and get things done, we’ve got some tips that will inspire you to look at your garden space in a whole new way.

Here’s how you convert a drafty garden shed into a fully functional office in just five simple steps!



Step#1 — Location

Depending on the size of your garden, there may not be that much space to negotiate with! However, as romantic and lovely as it may seem to have the office tucked away down a winding path, you still want to be able to access your home for toilet and lunch breaks fairly easily.

Also, think about which direction you want your office to face. South-facing might make for a lovely, sunny feel but factor in the possibility of having light bouncing off laptop screens and becoming a hassle. Decisions!


Step #2 — Insulate

Insulation is of incredible importance, especially if you’re not going down the heating route. If you want to use your shed office twelve months of the year, it needs to be well insulated and easily heatable.

Prepare to insulate both inside and out: use water repellant paint (we love Cuprinol Ducksback) to support the wood, and even something as simple as bubble wrap and backing board fixed to the interior can go a long way if you’re on a budget.convert a shed to an office

Fibreglass wool is very effective for keeping the heat, but ensure you are using appropriate protection, including a face mask and gloves if you’re insulating it yourself.


Step #3 — Sort out the essentials

Before you start dreaming of the fairy lights and rocking chairs (it was never going to be any old office, was it?), it’s time to plan the essentials.

When you convert a shed to an office, you need electricity for lighting, storage, an internet connection, a desk and a chair. However, it’s quite tricky to safely electrify a shed. If you want to add lights and power points to your new office, we strongly recommend you consult an electrician.

convert a shed into an office

Depending on the size of your garden, you should also be able to boost the WiFi to your new office with a plug-in booster. It’s also time to decide what kind of furniture you are going to use, even if you choose to decorate your interiors before filling it with desks and seating.

If you are using your office as an art studio, box or workstation-style storage may be needed. If it’s an office for your business, then you might choose a filing cabinet or shelving.

Remember, though, that this is ultimately going to be a space for work, thinking and productivity. Rather than filling your space, think too about making it comfortable and pleasant.


Step #4 — Decorate

Even though it’s out in the garden, try to think of your new office as simply an extension of your house. Go for the colour schemes that you like, and put up photographs, certificates and paintings on the wall. A rug and a small heater will be indispensable in the winter, and if you’re green-fingered, plant some climbers to surround the windows or keep pot plants nearby.

convert a shed into an office

If you have the space for a comfy chair or sofa, use throws and cushions to make it welcoming and store only the daily essentials for your work in the space to keep it uncluttered and tidy. If you can start off by having a place for everything, then you will avoid the risk of having a sky-high pile of documents on the desk within a few weeks of using your new study!


Step #5 — Have fun!

Whilst a full extension on your house is a grand, long-term project, choosing to convert a shed to an office is a relatively simple DIY that could have huge rewards. Embrace the outdoors of your new office space, and make it a great place for you to do your best work.

convert a shed to an office

Make sure that you ask around for hints and tips on anything you’re not sure of. We design and build sheds, summerhouses and even bespoke garden buildings from the best quality wood, all delivered in central Scotland. We love sheds and gardens, and we’d love to help you! If you are seeking any advice, please get in touch.


If you are working on any shed conversions this summer please send us photos of your creations on Facebook or Twitter.

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