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Post Caps

With Scotland’s trademark climate, your fence posts might need a little helping hand to stay dry and avoid rot, fungus and cracking. We recommend adding either a post cap or capping rail to your fence posts to provide an extra layer of protection.

Post caps are small pieces of sculpted timber that sit on top of the cut ends of your fence posts, acting as a little timber umbrella and protecting the permeable grain from rain, bugs and spores.

Choose between three classic designs – acorn, ball or flat square – and give your fencing an elegant finishing touch. Simply attach them to your posts with the included double ended screw and that’s the job done.

Post Caps Reviews

  • Alex Allan

    29 Mar, 2014

    I bought both the ball and the acorn caps to see how they looked on my fence. Personally I preferred the acorn as I thought these looked brilliant. I’ll definitely come back if I need any more.