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The chaps at Metpost are masters in clever fencing technology. Unsatisfied with replacing entire fence posts because they’re a slightly eroded or throwing away timbers when they’ve been cut a little too short, Metpost set out to make erecting and repairing your fence a breeze.

Since 1992 the boffins at Metpost have developed a range of clever bits of kit designed to make your life easier.

Get Them in the Ground

Metpost’s Spike Supports are the reason why the company is famous. These hard metal spikes are driven into the ground to form a solid sleeve for fence posts to be seated. Say goodbye to hours spent digging huge holes!

Metpost also create a driving tool – a mini post that you sit in the spike’s sleeve – which lets you hammer support into the ground without worrying about damaging the metal.

Repair It

Don’t throw away fence posts when the bottom gets broken. Simply pick up one of Metpost’s Repair Spurs. These handy bits of kit slide onto the end of posts and provide a replacement metal spike to help secure them in the ground.

Build Your Fence Anywhere

Metpost’s Bolt Down Support System lets you create strong foundations on concrete surfaces. Simply bolt the supports down at each corner, then fit the fence post into the sleeve on top. The Bolt Down systems currently come in two sizes – 100x100mm and 75x75mm.

Metposts Reviews

  • Richard Duffy

    06 Jul, 2013

    Came across your website by chance and glad I did. Service second to none materials great and value for money first class. Delivered materials when said you would although I was at work when they arrived and returned to find materials all nicely stacked in my garden. Great shopping experience.