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Sometimes there’s just that little something missing from your garden. That extra little detail, accessory or highlight. Here at Stewart Timber, we think that a carefully placed piece of quality wood can often be that missing something. Here’s a few of our idea.

Create Sleeper Beds

Craft an industrial feel with a heavy timber sleeper. These stylish beams of wood let you build up raised beds or form strong retaining walls. The size and weight of sleepers means that, even in the strongest storm or heaviest downpour, they aren’t going anywhere. Sleepers are a great option for breaking your garden up into easily manageable sections or for creating areas to highlight and show off.

Half Round Borders

Half round logs are a massively underused landscaping tool. These logs are ideal for creating stylish borders for paths and flower beds. You can even use them lengthways to form walls for raised beds. The wired versions are extremely strong and can be used to hold together anything from soil to rockeries. The only limit with half round logs is your imagination.

Landscaping Reviews

  • Steven Cavanagh

    12 Oct, 2012

    Placed an order online for logs and without doubt they are the best I have ever had. Moisture readings of 20% and they are a perfect size at 8″ for our smaller of the two stoves we have. I liked the fact you had different sized logs to choose from. The driver was lovely and has lorry could lift the bag over our wall to our woodstore.I highly recommend and will use again. 11 out of ten for me.