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  • Spike Support Wedgegrip

    Make building your fence easier with these spike support wedge grips. They are: * Designed to make erecting posts easier. No need to dig holes,..

  • 300kg Cargo Lash

    Don’t let your goods get damaged when moving from point A to B. These cargo lashes are perfect for securing down heavyweight objects when you..

  • Reflex Gloves

    These flexible “Reflex” gloves are designed with good grip in the fingers and palms for secure handling in both wet and dry conditions. * Fantastic..

  • Fencing Pliers

    These multipurpose fence pliers will definitely do the trick when constructing your fence. * They are ideal for driving staples in or removing them with..

  • Fencing Maul

    Erect your fence posts the smart way with this fibreglass fencing maul. * It has two sides for spreading the impact of hammering evenly across..

  • Post Rammer

    Drive in those fence posts quickly and efficiently with our post rammers. * They are designed for making marks on the ground where you want..

  • Fencers Graft

    These fence grafters are ideal for gardening or installing fencing. * They can be used for digging deep but narrow holes for installing fence posts..

  • Double Shovel Holders

    There’s only one thing better than one shovel, and that's two shovels! These double shovel holders make a great addition to the tools in your..

  • Post Hole Auger

    Dig up the dirt with this post hole auger. * This simple tool lets you excavate dirt from the ground to clear space for bigger..

  • Chisel & Point Pinch Bar

    Ideal for making and breaking, this chisel and point pinch bar has a variety of uses from levering heavy objects to breaking tough ground. *..

  • Micro Measuring Wheel

    Get your measurements down to the finest detail with this micro measuring wheel. * This ground measuring wheel has an easy reset button so you..

  • Hi Viz Retractable Knife

    Safety first with these Hi Viz retractable knives that are excellent for cutting more malleable materials down to size. * They are brightly coloured so..

  • Brick Line

    This brightly coloured brick line is bricklayer’s best friend when it comes to creating uniform brick walls and structures. * The brickline does not stretch..

  • Euro Spirit Level

    Never build at a squinty angle again with our Euro Spirit Level. * The bubble technology inside shows when you are at the perfect angle..

  • Hi Viz Tape Measure

    These Hi Viz tape measures are a measure for success! * They are brightly coloured so you won’t lose them amongst the tools in your..

  • Acorn Post Finial

    Give your fence a quaint, nature-inspired finish with these sweet acorn post finials. They are: * Made from pressure treated and dressed wood for long..

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