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Fencing Tools

Are you planning on putting your fencing up yourself? Well you’ll need the right tools for the job or else you’ll end up with a half finished fence and a pair of sore hands! You can find everything you’ll need for a stress-free experience right here.

Digging the Holes

Getting the supporting posts firmly into the ground is the first step to building a sturdy fence. Get your hands on a hole auger – a giant corkscrew – to dig out a hole slightly bigger than the post. Also, and it might seem silly now, but pick up a long handled spade. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get the dirt out of the hole you’ve just painstakingly dug.

Get the Post in There

It’s time for a bit of technical brute force. We recommend either a post rammer or fencing maul to get the fence posts firmly into the ground. The hole you just dug might look the right size but in practice you often need an extra “nudge” to get it into the ground.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

It’s an old adage but it’s a good one. Measure twice, cut once. You can always measure again but if you’ve lopped the top off a fence post, it’s pretty hard to get it back on. Brick line, measuring tapes and spirit levels should all be in the tool box.

Get it Together

Holes dug, posts in, fencing measured. It’s time to put it all together. At this stage, quality tools make the difference. There’s nothing quite like trying to cut wood with a blunt saw, or trying to knock in nails with a hammer with a squinty head. Do yourself a favour and pick up decent hand saw and hammer.

Fencing Tools Reviews

  • John Pate

    01 May, 2014

    I had to redo all the fencing round our garden and struggled for the first 5 posts with a space and a hammer. I’d seen the screw tools before but hadn’t tried them out. I picked one up and it made a massive difference.