5 DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Have you ever tried to make DIY Christmas decorations? We’ve got the tree up, but thinking of making some gorgeous wee natural decorations to jazz it up!

No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll love these ideas for DIY Christmas decorations you can make yourself. Why not make a day of it? Plan a winter walk somewhere that you can source materials, whether that be a beach for driftwood or a woodland walk. Once you return, get the mulled wine or hot chocolates ready. Then spend a few hours making your very own decorations from scratch.

Some of these ideas require equipment, some of them need no more than spare wood, twine and creativity. Let us know which ones you decide to try!


DIY Christmas Tree



This was actually dreamt up by one of our very own team! She collected driftwood on a local beach, then created this beautiful, minimalist Christmas tree outline. Decorate with baubles and fairy lights, and you’re ready to go!

This is perfect for a low-key decoration in a small flat, or for students who aren’t actually spending Christmas there, but want to decorate a little.

Even if you aren’t near the seaside, we’re sure you could find materials on a woodland walk, too.


Driftwood Star


Another driftwood themed DIY for those coast-dwellers. Just as well we live on an island, eh! If you live near the coast, wrap up warm and plan a little winter walk to get decorations.

We love the simplicity of this style, but if you find big enough pieces then you can expect this to be a very impressive DIY christmas decoration indeed!



Mini Cinnamon Trees


This is so simple but will make a gorgeous, scented addition to your decor. You could even try using rosemary to create the trees and add that scent to the mix, too.

The buttons make for lovely decorations, but  you could use all sorts of things. Broken jewellery could be reused, decorations made from sparkly washi tape, or even cut-outs from recycled Christmas cards.


Santa In The Garden


Got some skinny firewood? We love these cute santas! ‘Plant’ them by the front door to make sure the big man knows to stop by on Christmas eve.

Just be careful about burning them after Christmas – paint fumes are not a good addition to a stove!


DIY Baubles


The cutting here takes a bit of skill, but if you can get cast-offs then try painting them to create cute DIY Christmas baubles.

You can hang them everywhere, not just on the tree!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get creative this Christmas – which is your favourite DIY Christmas decoration?

Let us know in the comments!


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