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An arch can add a real focus to a garden. What arch is right for you will depend on exactly what you want to achieve, so have a read at our suggestions below.

I want a centrepiece

If you want a striking piece of timber, we recommend the Valencia Arch. The Valencia features a pointed solid roof supported by intricate lattices on either side. The diamond lattice on the side will encourage climbing plants like clematis and honeysuckle to grow and cover the panels. This will bring colour, life and nature back to the timber. The solid roof provides a border to the climbing plants, making sure they don’t grow to overpower the archway.

I want to focus on the plants

If you want the focus on what’s growing on the arch, rather than the archway itself, we recommend our Bow Top Arch. The Bow Top features a gently curved roof supported on either side by simple square trellises. The gentle roof and widely spaced beams provide a perfect platform to grow vibrant pergola – ideal for providing a bit of shade on a sunny day. The square side trellises will encourage climbing plants and will allow the side panels to fill out and form thick walls of vines, clematis, ivy or roses.

I want something simple and beautiful

Our Elite Arch is beautifully modest. Its tight arch rests on sides of square trellises – a simple design but classically beautiful. The Elite Arch’s trellises are tighter than the Bow Arch and, with time, will allow you to grow a much more solid wall of climbing plants. Because the trellis allows for a tight-knit floral wall, multiple Elite Arches can be linked to form a covered tunnel. This is incredibly easy to do and adds a really unique and interesting feature to any garden.

Archways Reviews

  • Rosa

    03 Apr, 2014

    Bought this arch to artfully fill a space between shed and greenhouse. It all went together easily and I was surprised at how sturdy it was . well made and pleasing to the eye, it adds a flourish to my garden. Thanks again.