How to Choose a Log Store for Firewood

If you are fortunate enough to have a wood burning stove or open fire at the heart of your home, then firewood storage will be high on the list of priorities. Whether you buy your wood kiln-fired and ready to burn, or green and ready to dry out over the year, you are going to need a sturdy, waterproof log store for firewood to keep your stash comfortable in the wait to winter.

If you’re new to the world of wood-burning, or just looking to update your current storage, then check out our advice for selecting your new log store.


The impossible question: How much wood will I need to store?


It depends on the weather, the effectiveness of your individual stove, the wood type you are using, the moisture levels of your wood… Over the years, you will get a feel for your individual circumstances. A very general rule of thumb for local provider Clydesdale Logs is 4-5 cubic metres of kiln-dried wood for the whole year – so maybe 2-3 deliveries over a six-month period if you only want to use it in the winter.


Think about your space


log store firewood


If you just have a little room in the garden, then a small log store for firewood will still be a great investment. Unless you have a fairly large spot in the house to store your wood deliveries, a store will be essential. Small stores start from just £99. This little one (pictured) will hold one cubic metre of firewood.


Get ready for the rain


firewood store rain


Waterproofing is key for a log store for firewood. We recommend Cuprinol Ducksback: a wax-enriched, water-repellant, non-drip paint. Proofing your wood will increase its longevity and effectiveness and help your wood store stay cosy and dry all winter.

Think outside the box


log store firewood shed


Or, think outside the store! A shed can also act as a log store for firewood and is more versatile – you will have more than enough space for wood and whatever extra bits and pieces you want to keep there.

Be aware, however, that a shed will not be suitable for seasoning green wood as it allows for less ventilation than a traditional style of store.

Be prepared


bespoke log store firewood


If you are planning on buying green wood, you will need a lot of storage. Wood will need to be dried for over a year or more, and it’s best to also invest in a moisture reader to make sure that the wood is dry enough to use.

Dealing with an awkward shaped space? We can design and fit a bespoke log store suited to your needs. Find out more here.

Go High


firewood log store stacking wood


However you store your wood, ensure that it does not come into direct contact with the ground. It will attract moisture which will gradually make its way up the stack. At the very least, stack upon tarpaulin.

Log stores will come with a raised floor to increase ventilation and eliminate damp. Bear this need for ventilation in mind when stacking, too, and leave space accordingly.




firewood logstore stove


Wood burning stoves require a fair bit more effort and maintenance than modern heating methods, but they are regaining popularity as people return to tradition in their homes. It’s true that nothing worth doing was ever easy. Yes, you might find yourself put off at having to stomp outside to fill up the indoor wood supply, but the crackle of a fire and the warm scent of wood-sap will immediately make it all worth it.

Well-looked after, a stove will outlast its owners. The same can be said of a quality log store.


If you have any questions about the products mentioned here, please get in touch with us! We are always happy to help. Additionally, if we’ve missed a tip off our list, let us know in the comments. 


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